The Sparrow Princess – Coming Soon to Amazon!

King Aaric fell for Aliyah so completely he forgot all about his proposal to Ernestynah just a day earlier!  Still the two of them ran away together and were married.  They and their beautiful daughter Alenah might have lived happily ever after too if Aaric’s brother Aaron hadn’t fallen for a conniving woman named Medeia. Poor innocent Alenah must suffer right along with the rest for their mistakes.  But will all her suffering be in vain? Or is it possible that something good could come from all this?

Set in the imaginary city of Calandra, “The Sparrow Princess” is a tale about choices made and the unforeseen consequences that come from thoughtlessness and an inability to let go of things that were never meant to be.

An original fairytale for MG/YA. Coming soon to in Paperback & Kindle! Look for it June 2014!


3 Things I Like About My Home

It’s great to get away and have time to reflect. That’s what vacations are for in my opinion. This past vacation was no exception. We stayed at a beach resort condominium that pretty much catered to our every need. The ocean view was fantastic. There was no schedule, no place we had to be. We could just do as we please.

We walked along the beach, laid out on the sand in chairs and umbrellas setup by the nice cabana boy. We drove on the beach, swam in the pool, sunned ourselves by the pool. Whatever we wanted to do…we did it. During the afternoon thunder showers we hung out together in a cozy one bedroom condo on the sixth floor. In the evening we went out to dinner and ate at the best restaurants in town. We went shopping at the souvenir shops. Oh…and I bought a ton of fireworks! (That’s another story there.) Then we came back and sat in the hot tub.

When it came time to leave we were both pretty bummed. But by the time we made it back (after a six hour drive), we were both exhausted and glad to be home.

Although it was great to get away for awhile I began to realize how good it feels just to be home. That evening I sat in my chair and began to think of all the things I like about being home. There are a lot of things…too many to list. But three things immediately came to mind.

1. My dog…I missed my dog!
2. Direct TV – I love having my DVR and The Guide!
3.Slow-Close toilet seats – I can’t tell you how many times I slammed the one at the condo thinking it would close slowly.

The Beachfront Condo Discovery

I woke up this morning and learned that the WIFI here at the condo had been hit by lightning during an overnight thunderstorm and the nice girl at the front desk had no idea when it would be fixed. How will we find the shops? How will we find the restaurants without access to our IPads and other devices?

It was as if we were transported backwards in time…

Then my wife Deb made an amazing discovery. In a drawer, buried beneath a bunch of maps, she found a strange book with white and yellow pages. I didn’t recognize it at first, but as I flipped through the thin recycled rice paper with all the information listed alphabetically, it began to dawn on me what it was. It was a phone book! OMG!

The maps, although primitive, were very useful depicting the natives engaged in what can only be described as everyday life. We decided to go exploring and were surprised to find most of the places shown still exist today!

Later when we returned I carefully placed the maps along with the other various artifacts back in the drawer for the next person to find. They may find them useful if the WIFI goes out again!