The Sparrow Princess – Coming Soon to Amazon!

King Aaric fell for Aliyah so completely he forgot all about his proposal to Ernestynah just a day earlier!  Still the two of them ran away together and were married.  They and their beautiful daughter Alenah might have lived happily ever after too if Aaric’s brother Aaron hadn’t fallen for a conniving woman named Medeia. Poor innocent Alenah must suffer right along with the rest for their mistakes.  But will all her suffering be in vain? Or is it possible that something good could come from all this?

Set in the imaginary city of Calandra, “The Sparrow Princess” is a tale about choices made and the unforeseen consequences that come from thoughtlessness and an inability to let go of things that were never meant to be.

An original fairytale for MG/YA. Coming soon to in Paperback & Kindle! Look for it June 2014!